Jun 16

Business Leader Change Signals – What are Yours?

I went through an interesting couple of weeks about a month ago. I found myself getting quite irritated at work. It was every day, and there was no real accounting for it. Every thing was actually going quite well. There were no catastrophes, no real pressures, so why was I feeling irritated? A challenge I had with this is it started to sap my energy too and I was getting run down.

During these weeks, while I was having a coffee I took the time to take a step back and observe and try to understand this. What I found was that the things I had been concentrating on and building in my business  were now all pretty much complete and systemised. The business was running exceptionally well and taking care of itself, based on my efforts over the last 6 months. So my role had evolved into one where I was skirting around the edges of this well oiled machine, not contributing all that much, but tinkering and getting a little lost in the busyness of the day to day.

One thing I recognised in this deliberate retrospection was that my role over those weeks was no longer creative, it was administrative. And I probably wasn’t adding much value, I was possibly even getting in the way of things that were looking after themselves. The irritation, despite being a negative emotion, was actually a positive inner trigger that it was time for me to move away from these completed creations and move onto the next ones.

Once I realised this, I worked out what the next major milestones where for the evolution of the business and started working on those. Wow. What an immediate change. All of a sudden I was positive again, full of energy and busting. No more irritation with the world. Rather I was fully energised, back in my creative space and adding value in a way even my psyche could recognise.

What I learned from this is that irritation isn’t me being irritated. Rather it is a clear signal of mine, telling me to take a step back and look at what I am doing. I can use this to make me a better creator in my business, build better value and just generally, be a better business person.

So, whats your trigger? Or what are you missing by not taking a step back and trying to understand what these random emotions actually mean to you.

May 16

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May 16

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Mar 16

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Mar 16

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