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A Community For Digital Marketers to Collaborate

Join a community where Digital Marketers can collaborate.

I’ve been in digital marketing since 2003, so the time of writing this article in 2017, that’s 14 years now that I’ve been providing digital marketing services for businesses throughout the world. The first 10 years of that, I was a digital marketing agency starting with Adwords and SEO and then developing my business through all the main digital marketing services. I successfully sold this business in 2013.

More recently, I’ve set-up a business to offer white-label digital marketing services for digital marketing agencies to offer their clients. The aim of this business is to add value to digital marketing businesses, to create a system where the businesses of this industry in Australia, the US, the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada can provide the best in marketing for their clients.

With this as my goal, I must point out that it is not just our supply that achieves this. It’s actually the collaboration between our wholesale supply of marketing fundamentals combined with the expertise and flair and passions of the digital marketing companies that are our clients, that achieves the excellence in marketing for local small-medium sized businesses. Its the partnership that achieves this.

Join Our Community of Collaborative Digital Marketers

One thing I’ve always been aware of though throughout my 14 years in digital marketing is how, as an industry, we can do a lot better as far as collaboration and partnership is concerned. So, now as a white-label provider and with relationships with many digital marketing agencies, that is one of my goals. This goals is to provide a higher level of marketing services, to raise standards generally in digital marketing, and to raise our profile as professionals at an industry level so our prospects and clients both expect more from us, respect us more and are delighted by the results of the services we provide. The only way we can achieve this though is through better industry collaboration, through better partnership and through better industry discussion.

Join a community where Digital Marketers can collaborate.

With this goal in mind, one of things I’ve done recently is created a forum using the WhatsApp app. A forum for digital marketing agencies to just collaborate and share ideas, to solve industry challenges and support each other.

So, if you’re a digital marketing agency and would like to be part of this discussion here’s the link for you to click

It’s an open group so we look forward to welcoming you to share ideas, to collaborate, to create business together, to solve each other’s problems. We can even help promote each other’s business through ideas like creating strategic alliance partnerships and even just syndicating each other’s content in Social Media if that’s relevant

So, if you’d like to be part of this group, just follow this link or click through the images and join our group. Please introduce yourself, let us know who you are and any ideas you have on how you can add value to the group and also maybe what you’re looking for from the group. I look forward to seeing you in our community, supporting and being supported by you.


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