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Bad Coffee – Is It Forgivable?

For a long time, I worked in a corporate environment. This was well before the days that Google showed us all how an office should look and work. Those stale, uninspiring, suffocating cubicles! That is where I developed my addiction to coffee. I just needed to get out and reset the mind in an environment that didn’t murder the soul as effectively as the office cubicle.

From there I started a business and I primarily worked from home. My coffee addiction got stronger. Not so much due to the environment, I loved the home office where I worked. Rather, working from home can get over insular. I quickly realised how much I missed human contact. So my daily trip to the cafe became as much as my daily human contact as it was a caffeine shot.

Today I am as addicted to the brew as ever. I don’t even know why anymore, I just go to a cafe every day, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Throughout these years the one thing that never changed was how the occasion of the bad coffee would spoil the time-out. Nor how often it occurred. It’s such a simple thing, such a treat when done correctly, and given how much they cost such a lucrative product for the establishments. I can’t understand why a coffee would ever be made badly.

For me it’s the experience. The problem with a bad coffee is that it becomes the focus of the time-out, so you miss having that mind reset. And let’s face it, we are paying on a daily basis for a luxury item, so it should be spot on. There are many cheaper options for bad coffee, like international roast for example. Cafe coffee is a luxury item, I should feel like I am drinking Lamborghini oil (hmmm, not sure that’s a great analogy)

So forgiveness then, should we forgive a cafe for a bad coffee? I know forgiveness is one of the keys to a long and happy life, but I am not sure about this one. Yes I think I’ll stick to my guns, not forgive, rather go to the cafe next door that serves a great coffee every time.