Business Owners – How To Keep Your Energy High on those Long Hours Days

As business owners, we never really do a standard 8 hour day, 40 hour week do we. Its not really what we signed up for, and lets face it, counting hours is not the way we achieve our business and life goals. So sometimes we need to really dig deep and put in the hard yards. During these times though, its important to be mindful of our personal energy. We need to keep it high for personal performance sake. We also need to keep it high so we are leading our teams energetically as well as verbally.

Its not always easy. In my 15 years in business, I’ve hit some peaks and also some desperate lows. I’ve learned from both these times to put together this short video on keeping your energy high in business – even when you are pushing the envelope. I hope you enjoy it.

Business and Leadership Energy Hacks

“I think as business owners we all have challenges that are really specific to our business. So I thought today I’d share one of my challenges. And it’s directly related to the fact that being in nine countries sometimes I have long long days, just because of the different timezones I speak to people in.

Today is a great example because I had to start my day well before 8 o’clock to have a Skype call with New Zealand and then I’m going to end my day well past 8 p.m. as I have some late night Skype calls in my time to fit in with Pakistan and South Africa time zones.


So here’s my business owner tips for maintaining energy levels on those long long days which we all have:

  1. Always start with a #coffee. To your taste and specification. Don’t take-away. Sit down. Enjoy. Gather your thoughts.
  2. Add some time for #inspiration. Thanks @entrepreneur for the current subscription deal. [I’ll read an article in a magazine like this for inspiration]
  3. Okay, the next tip is to not neglect your exercise regime even when you’re super busy. Getting your exercise right will keep your baseline energy level high. So I am going for a swim [lunch time].
  4. Eat foods that don’t leave you feeling bloated and heavy. Even if you need to clench your teeth as it’s salad again.
  5. Have a meaningful mind break between meetings. Ensure you start each next appointment fresh. If you don’t understand how to do this, read this amazing book – The Third Space by Adam Fraser.
  6. Well, getting through the day, one thing that’s really helped me keep my energy high today is to just try to have a bit more fun with what I’m doing. So I won’t be so serious in meetings. Crack a joke here and there, get a laugh, enjoy laughs. It really works. Have fun.
  7. Make time for family and loved ones – no matter how big the day, we always have dinner together – instant recharge.
  8. Make sure everyone is smiling right through till the end of the last meeting.
  9. So, the last thing I try to do especially if I’ve got a couple long days in a row is I try to switch off an hour before I go to bed. I’m just finishing up now, so I switch off electronics and let’s make sure I get proper rest and and my brain switches off before I go to sleep.”

They are my tips for high energy even through those 12 – 16 hour days. Let me know if you have tips too that I can use. Energy is everything

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