Carlton – Round 2 Finals

I have to say, I am pretty happy that I get to see Carlton play finals footy for another week, despite the less than auspicious manner in which we qualified. Being a realist I recognise it is unlikely that we will win the Grand Final 2013, it would be funny though. I wonder if the AFL would make any changes if this was the case, or even a statement. Or would they just accept it for what it is, that a team outplayed the others it came up against as it hit the finals series.

Looking at the situation though, I think it has some correlation to what many businesses are experiencing now. This downturn has been such a slog, such a grind. Week in week out we’ve really been doing the hard yards. Some weeks we have good wins, others we don’t.

Sometimes the trick during these times though is simply to out-survive, out-last. If you survive the super tough times and out-survive your competitors, unexpected opportunities arise all of a sudden. And if you have the audacity to embrace the opportunities, you find yourself in situations that are completely unexpected and rewarding.

Back to the footy though, how good is it to finish the season above Collingwood, Essendon and Richmond! #believe

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