Has iTunes Spoiled Your Favorite Song

No, I’m not talking about your old favorite song, nor your current favorite song. It won’t be iTunes spoiling these for you, it will be your ringtone. (Yes – I strongly recommend you change your ringtone back to something that resembles the sound of a phone) I’m talking about your future favorite song.

I look at the songs I have purchased on iTunes, and there are two categories:

  1. My old favorite songs
  2. My current favorite songs

Now, despite these two categories of song seeming very similar, on review they are actually very different. All my current favorite songs are pretty good songs. They tend to be quite popular, the songs I heard on radio or on a reality tv show that resonated with me. They are the songs I bought on impulse, or if I missed the impulse, they are the songs I bought after radio repetition finally convinced me they were great songs.

I also have to say that already at least 30% of these purchases no longer feature on any of my playlists…

My old favorite songs are very different though. These are those little pearls I found as song number 9, or 13, or 11 on an album. ┬áThe ones I only ever heard because back then, we pretty much had to listen to the whole LP, (remember them…) cassette or CD. Back then we just put them in and let them go so we listened to it all, loving some songs immediately, others being allowed to grow on us over time.

I don’t think any of the popularist songs of these old albums (the ones that made radio and were undoubtedly the reason I purchased the album in the first place) feature in My Old Favorite songs, but despite that, the ones that do never seem to get dropped from my playlists. They are the timeless pieces I take with me forever.

Today though, we don’t buy the whole album do we, we only buy the song. So we will never hear that song #9, 13 or 11. Even if we take time to browse, we certainly won’t get the opportunity to appreciate it enough to purchase it. So we will never get the opportunity to find, appreciate, purchase and favorite our future favorite songs.

How sad – I feel like I’ve just been told I’ll never meet my soulmate.

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