Hidden Secrets Of The Gold Coast

I live on the Gold Coast. One thing I love about it is from my home, I can walk 10 metres and be in a river. I can drive 2kms and be at the beach. I can drive 15 minutes and be in the CBD, or 15 minutes the other way and see cows as I am in the country. We have mountains less than an hour away and amazing valleys less than half an hour.

We have the big attractions like Dreamworld, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Seaworld, and every now and then you stumble across a little gem of a place, attraction or business that takes your breath away.

Thats what this post is about – what are the little treasures on or near the Gold Coast that you’ve stumbled upon and just want to go back to time and time again? If you have any you’d like to share, please let us know by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear and suss out some new places.

For me, one place I visited recently and just want to go back to and have a proper investigation is the entire town of Bangalow. I was there for a very short stop recently and just left with the feeling I wanted to go back. I’m going to have to negotiate a weekend away with the family I think to have a proper look.

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