Hootie and the Gold Coast

Its no secret that I grew up in Melbourne. This helps to explain why I gravitate to the AFL for my preferred code of football, why I love sport generally as well as many other things that can only be described as “life’s little luxuries”. Good coffee, fine dining, appreciation of literature, art and music – they all have their roots in growing up in Melbourne and the opportunities and exposures I had back then.

Back around 1995 or so (which by the way was the last time Carlton won the AFL grand final) Hootie and the Blowfish were pretty big. I was a fan. Their album Cracked Rear Mirror had some great songs, Let Her Cry, Hold My Hand, I Only Wanna Be With You. I know I still have the CD somewhere – but its packed away in a box. It was almost 20 years ago…

Something happened after 1995 though. 1996. Then 1996 was followed by another 15 years or so. I continued to live in Melbourne till about 2004, then to Sydney till 2006 before relocating to the Gold Coast where I now live. Now unless my memory fails me, as new artists and hits continued to publish their art, the radio stations in Melbourne and Sydney gradually stopped playing Hootie. For better or worse, other songs and artists were more popular and were played more regularly. Its how the world of music moves.

When I moved to the Gold Coast though, I remember hearing Hootie again during my first week here, which as I pointed out above, was in 2006. It was played on Hot Tomato. I was pleasantly surprised – the song was 10 years old and I remember thinking “I haven’t heard that one for ages”. I think I even offended my partners ears by singing along.

Since my reunion with Hootie in 2006 though – I swear I hear a Hootie song every week. What is it with the Gold Coast and our fetish for Hootie and the Blowfish? I hear it on the radio all the time, at cafes and restaurants, everywhere. Is this deliberate, contractual, or do we just love Hootie here?

Perhaps we can get them to play at the opening ceremony at Commonwealth Games – that will give us at least another 5 years to enjoy them week in week out huh!

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