Ideas For Blogging – My Top Content Tip

Its clear as day now that if you want to market yourself, or your business online, adding fresh, engaging, useful, unique content is crucial. You need to ensure your website remains current, useful and is being used by its visitors for more than just to get your phone number.

When explaining this to clients, the best picture I can paint is to explain to them that Google sees the internet as a source of information – not a business directory. So to feature, you need to transform your website into a trusted and industry leading source of information, giving more than just basic business information.

But how do you keep coming up with great content that your clients and prospects will appreciate?

The simple fact is you probably have already produced this information, ready to publish. All you need to do is go to where you stored it, copy it and publish it on your blog. So where is this storage of awesome blog content you’ve already produced…?

I’m drawing it out a bit huh!!

Ok, simple – look to the sent folder of your emails. Here is the process:

  1. Clients/prospects send you emails looking for information that is both relevant to them and their purchasing decisions.
  2. You answer those emails, giving your clients/prospects the information they need, the email saved to your sent folder.
  3. This information is relevant and current content in your industry.
  4. If one prospect is asking you a question, it is logical a different prospect is asking Google for an answer to the same question
  5. So make the question a title of a blog post
  6. Paste the answer you sent to your prospect which is in the email, into the content area of the blog post.
  7. Add a photo – even one of you smiling if you must
  8. Publish.
  9. Repeat once or twice a week
  10. Watch your traffic and enquiry rate increase.

That is my top tip for finding new content for your business website.

If you are really clever, you can also create a blog category called FAQs. Turn the feed for that category into a FAQ page on your website and this will put all your sales questions and appropriate answers all in the same spot, so prospects can all but sell themselves on your services, through the content you would have sent them by email anyway. This may even reduce the emails you spend time on in your sales process.


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