Podcasts Killed The Radio Song

A while back I tried something a little bit different. Instead of listening to the radio on the way to work, or a CD, I downloaded a few episodes of a podcast on a topic I found interesting and listened to that instead. Wow – what a different experience. I actually tuned into what was playing through the car stereo, my driving frustration (PC term for road rage) disappeared and I may even have learned something. I don’t think I ever had those 3 things happen to me at the same time in the car before in my life.

So how did this happen? On reflection I realised:

  • I controlled the topic I was listening to – so I enjoyed the content
  • No ads – so I didn’t switch off
  • Nothing repetitive – IE. When you get to the end of the track you move to the next episode rather than starting again
  • No annoying talk back or ignorant opinions – don’t they drive you nuts!
  • No news – which tends to cause a low level of anxiety on issues nothing to do with us

Since that day, I pretty much do not listen to the radio anymore. I have found all manner of podcasts I either really enjoy, find relaxing or help with my professional development. Note – the relaxing ones are not the “close your eyes and take some deep breaths” ones – I haven’t tried them while driving yet – rather on topics I find relaxing.

Podcasts, iPhones and bluetooth – what an amazing world we live in. I still remember the days when the tape in my cassettes unravelled, tangled and blocked the cassette deck I was using. Just another phenomenon that will and is changing the way effective marketing and advertising work.

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