Pulling Back – Where Do You Find Inspiration

As the CEO of Ocean Feather, one of the things that I sometimes find challenging is giving myself space to find inspiration, to keep the passion high and the ideas flowing.

Life can get pretty busy can’t it? Lets face it, we spend at least a third of our lives at or travelling to and from work. Then there are demands on your time at home. Then there is the upkeep requirements at home. You may have a hobby, interest, sport – or a few of these – that pull you from one pillar to the next. Kids – well I have 3 now! It doesn’t leave much time to sit back and let the inspiration come does it?

Myself, I give myself little routines through the day, which give me little breaks. For example, coffee number 1, 2 and occasionally 3 give me a moment to take stock. My rules here though are that I have to get out of the building, have someone else make it for me and sit down and enjoy it.

Also – I have found a great hour each evening where I refuse to let myself get sucked in to the latest reality TV show. During this hour I may just sit, meditate, read a book on a topic of development of some kind (that is not related to the business) or do something creative. Writing on blogs like this one is another good option – particularly as I work through certain challenges. Writing helps me clarify, find inspiration and ideas.

I’d love to hear your ideas too. What do you do to give yourself enough space that your inherent creativity and inspiration keeps flowing, day in and day out. What do you do to pull back from the every day rush and grind, to give yourself enough room to be real and in touch?

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