Redirecting Domain Names and SEO

A question I am commonly asked is whether there is any value in Google marketing, in registering a keyword rich domain name and then redirecting that domain name to your website. So to paint a picture with an example, lets say the I wanted to focus on the search phrase “digital marketing workshops” for an upcoming series of seminars I had. Should I go and register the URL, not put a website on it but rather, redirect it straight to the home page of the Ocean Feather website.

To answer this question specifically, there is absolutely no strategic or SEO benefit in doing this. The Ocean Feather website will not benefit, nor will the new domain. The only thing that will happen is if someone types in the entire domain into the URL section of their browser, they will redirect to the Ocean Feather website. The occasion of this happening is pretty remote.

The reason for this is there is no website on the URL. There is no content. There is no traffic or visitors. Google knows this. They are not going to list a URL in their results, that has no information on it. The guys at Google are pretty clever. They can work out the domain is empty. So if you intend on registering a domain, devise a proper strategy on how you will use that domain, devise a plan for the website you will build on it.

As a general comment, if this type of strategy crosses your mind, instead of trying to find tricky things to help your performance in Google, shortcuts to get you there faster, why not add value to your website. Write a blog post you are proud to share with your colleagues. Try and improve the features on your site so your bounce rate decreases. Do something that will add lasting value to your website and your web visitors and see how that improves your performance in Google.

I am sure you will find the result much more satisfying and long term.

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