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My business Globital provides the fundamentals of SEO and digital marketing support to the digital marketing agencies across the first world. In Australia our core brand is SEO Resellers Australia. We now invoice in 6 different currencies now as our offering has been acclaimed by the industry on a global scale. I was thinking about the “White Label SEO” industry recently when chatting to Dad about what I do. I was trying to explain how the industry has not got the best of reputations, trying to explain to him what makes us different, what makes us successful. I found it quite hard to capture in “layman’s” conversation.

So after this, I thought I’d dig a bit and see if I can get to a more eloquent explanation on how we go about business, how we support our clients, the digital marketing agencies of the world. So to this end, I thought I’d quickly interview one of our clients, get a client’s perspective of what we do. This video is the interview. I hope you enjoy it.

Outsourced White Label SEO and Quality Service Delivery

Damian: Hi everyone! I’ve got Tracie Eaton here from Trove Online. Tracie’s been using us at SEO Resellers Australia for eighteen months and I’ve just got one question for Tracie. Tracie, one of the challenges SEO companies have and digital marketing companies have in outsourcing their fundamental work of their services is quality. Particularly in offshore companies, it’s very challenging to get the level of quality you need to support your clients right.

So, what I wanted to ask you… is your experience with SEO Resellers Australia. What have you thought about the quality of work we do and why do you think that, I mean if you do think that we’ve got the formula right with that, which I hope you do because you’ve been with us for eighteen months. What do you think makes… you know, that standard of quality different compared to what else is available in outsourcing companies?

Tracie: Okay, so there’s a few things I want to mention about that. First one is I think is important to understand that I had very high expectations and one of the reasons I chose you guys in the first place is because I knew that your organisation works on Australian standards and your standards are really in line with mine. And I think that’s really important to understand because that means that I still have an ability to control the outcome that I wanted for my clients.

One of the concerns, I feel that people have with outsourcing is that lack of control, means that they were no longer able to see what was happening with the organisation or see what work was going on, let alone trying to be able to change it.

Damian: Great, so transparency is important too?

Tracie: Absolutely! So, yes, so the first thing for me was that I still had to the ability to go, “No, I’m not happy with that or lets adjust that…” so, the second component that I like about your organisation and why I continue to use you is that your team is very open to advice, discussions… just say, “Hey, why is this working? Why is that not working? Can we adjust this here?” And really it’s just more than transparency is very much about an open level of communication. So that there is an ability to shift the product or the offering in line with what the objectives need to be. Even when it comes down to reporting for example. If there was things that I weren’t happy with or if I felt things were missing, the team was very open to hearing that and making adjustment so that I was comfortable and then I could be comfortable that my client was getting what they needed.

Damian: Great…so, would recommend us to other digital marketing agencies?

Tracie: Without a doubt! I mean at the end of the day, outsourcing also minimises your bottom line cost structure, so that helps your revenue and getting some profit going on in the company. And I would not hesitate in any way to recommend you.

Damian: Yeah and obviously one of our goals with that is not to take away your role as the agency. It’s more to help you by taking away a lot of the time-consuming fundamental work; it’s to let you better concentrate on the value add that you want to offer your client.

Tracie: Absolutely, and I think it allows you to make a strategic decision as I did to say, “I no longer want to have an in-house team.” I wanted to have something that was outsourced or subcontracted because its exactly what you just said, it allowed me to focus on developing additional business, focusing on creating more value and up-selling I guess to my existing client base. So why would I not do that – a bit of a no-brainer for?

Damian: Yeah great. Thanks for your time.

Tracie: Anytime.

Damian: Thanks.

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