Jul 13

Carlton or the Cricket

What to do? Its been a pretty long time between finals drinks for Carlton, 1995 since our last Grand Final victory. Since then we’ve been (over) punished for salary cap breaches, won our first wooden spoon, won subsequent wooden spoons, got rid of Fev and then Ratts, espoused all the potential in the world and… languished.

Languished is, I think the best way to describe our experience over the last 10 years.

Having been thumped by Collingwood last week, seemingly putting finals out of reach again, I am considering taking the unprecedented step (in my mind at least) of calling an end to the 2013 AFL season. Given The Ashes start tonight anyway, it seems logical to move straight into the 2013/2014 summer cricket season.

So that’s the dilemma I am facing today. Do I put an end to the 2013 AFL Season, or do I let it run its course?

I am open to suggestions – as long as they don’t come from Essendon or Collingwood supporters, or fans of the English Cricket team.