Disclosure and Disclaimer

This blog represents my opinions, they are the opinions of Damian Papworth alone.

They do not represent the opinions or policies of any businesses I have worked for in the past, work for currently or may work for in the future. So any of the crazy stuff published here comes 100% from me. I take full responsibility. No one else is involved.

Often I have been told that the stuff I come up with comes from left field, that i am “one strange cat”, or from people that are not as polite, that I am weird. I now wear labels like this as a bit of a badge of honor I think there was a time I wanted to conform and be part of the pack, those days are long gone now though and I have embraced my personality.

That being said, this weirdness may come through some of my blog posts in opinions and ideas that you disagree with, find bizarre or have no idea what they mean. If this is the case, don’t be upset, my opinions are just that – opinions. There is no right or wrong, only conversation. So let me know your thoughts with a comment and perhaps we can discuss.

There is nothing else I really need to add here, other than to wish you the finest of days today. 🙂