About Me


My name is Damian Papworth. I am the founder and MD of Globital Pty Ltd, a global wholesale digital marketing company.

My formal training is actually in finance and investments. I completed a Bachelor of Economics (B. Ec.) at Monash University which I then followed with a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments (ASIA). This education spearheaded me into a career in the Superannuation industry, which was not really planned, I remember laughing at jokes early in this career that no-one really plans to have a career in superannuation.

I became fascinated with digital marketing in 2003. My life in superannuation was starting to become quite stale (which is polite for boring) and the thing that appealed to me about the internet and the emerging digital world was the ability to create. The internet was quickly becoming a place where you could have an idea and transform that idea into something real. The initial manifestation of that idea would be a website. From there though things could grow and become even more real.

The website was publication in itself. Never before had publication of anything been so cheap and easy. But from there other things could manifest, things like:

  • The creation of an audience, a fan base
  • Interaction with people interested in the same niche topic
  • And the real kicker – monetisation

We were seeing whole businesses being built on the infrastructure of a website and hosting. The monthly rent was $30 and the start up cost was less than $1,000. Business had never been so cheap.

Today when I look around, the internet amazes me. I see people making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month by posting 140 character instant messages. I see people expressing their lives through images – often 100% on a mobile phone without even using a computer, and selling their wares as they go. There are small local businesses with tens of thousands of followers, who they communicate with daily in a meaningful way. 10 years ago, this would have been impossible. The thing that amazes me most are not the businesses that build these platforms we use, rather the users and the way they continue to create, express themselves, build communities and create a living on those platforms. I am sure the platform owners don’t even know half the benefits being enjoyed by their users.

This was and still is the real thing that fascinates me about the digital world. This opportunity to create something from thought and quickly turn it into something real and worthwhile is breathtaking to observe. Its magical. You just have to take a step back and look.

So that is where my career is at the moment, fully immersed in this exhilarating world that never sleeps and never stops evolving. This is what this blog mainly is about too – my take on what is happening in this world.

I do try and find balance in my life too though, so occasionally I’ll post on a topic I find interesting or relay an interesting article I’ve read.

Just so you are forewarned, some of these topics may include:

  • Surfing and Snowboarding
  • Surf Life Saving
  • I love to travel – particularly to Africa. Hi guys!!
  • Everything meta-physical fascinates me
  • The myriad spiritualities of the world – I have learned things from so many different traditions
  • Personal development – the little bit every day kind, not the “crisis I need to cram” kind
  • I get my hands dirty on occasions in the garden – nothing better than eating my own stuff
  • I’m a Dad
  • I grew up following Carlton in the AFL

That’s enough for this page – if you want to kow more about me read my blog 🙂